Tracking the Most Impactful Data Management Trends Continued

Tracking the Most Impactful Data Management Trends Continued

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the dramatic shifts that have come in the field of data management and are driving business decisions. We will continue to track a few more of these trends in this discussion too:


Storage becomes an area of focus for enterprises

Until a few years back, storage was probably the most overlooked areas of enterprise management, with disk drives running in the back of data centers. But today, as more & more enterprises shape their infrastructures’ capabilities, they are dealing with ever expanding data stores. Everything from machine-generated data to that pouring in from social media is being utilized for business analytics that help in understanding the consumer base better and thus drive some prominent business decisions.

In fact, many enterprises are working on the concept of ‘data lakes’ wherein the data can be stored in its rawest form and accessed as and when needed. In the coming future, we will see ‘smart’ storage and not the trend of simply adding more disk capacity to store loads & loads of data. Tiered storage, data compression and information lifecycle management are some of the smart storage solutions which are already being put to use by the leading organizations.


More emphasis on automation of data management

In most of the organizations, data professionals witness their resources and time being squeezed between managing the huge & diverse data stores in restricted budgets and meeting increased user demands at the same time. This calls for a need to automate the data storage processes so that the database professionals do not need to spend a major share of their time in managing database life cycles. With more & more enterprises entering cloud environments, enterprise-wide testing becomes all the more crucial. To take care of everything from additional hardware to network costs, licensing costs, administration costs and added complexity, automation is a time, resource and cost saving alternative.

Data Managers to initiate drives for securing corporate data


With more & more instances of data breaches coming into limelight, the CIOs and top executives have become more concerned about the need for securing their sensitive corporate data. Data governance issues have become more crucial owing to the rise in Big Data and cloud as both of these require complex integration, accessibility and multi-device compatibility. This scenario calls for an initiative on part of the database administrators and security professionals to work in harmony to ensure maximum data privacy, regulatory compliance and protection against insider threats. There has been a heightened awareness about the imperative need for locking down data environments and budgetary support for business data security and this is likely to remain so in the future as well.

We see this year as one representing new opportunities for expanding data management practices to meet the ever-growing needs of enterprises that have become totally or partially digital. Streamlined data management practices will definitely result in meeting the business goals faster and reaching new markets more promptly.

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