Top Database Management Trends

Top Database Management Trends

Like all other fields, technological trends also change with every season, with new upgrades being introduced into the markets from time to time. While some trends emerge as flavor-of-the-month fads other remain strong for months and considerably influence enterprise-level strategies. Database Management is among the core processes for any business- be it big or small. Businesses have come a long way from the conventional database management systems and are fast adopting the latest, cloud-based technologies to managed silos of data pouring in from all directions. Since the relevance of insight derived from business data cannot be overlooked, it becomes imperative to study the latest trends in Database Management and how can an organization derive the best benefits out of these.

Trend 1: Database Management Systems bridging SQL/NoSQL – becoming more relevant

These days, database products are not expected to embrace a single database structure but rely on a combination of SQL and NoSQL. This gives the users an opportunity to leverage the best of capabilities offered by both. For instance, such products can allow users to access a NoSQL database with as much ease as a relational database.

Trend 2: Platform as a Service to Remain Strong in the Cloud Horizon
Platform as a service - Database management

Developers are constantly pushing enterprises to the cloud, but some of them are in the middle of weighing the trade-offs of a public and private cloud. A strategy has to be chalked out for meshing cloud services with the infrastructure and applications that the enterprise is already using. You need not change your organizational priorities but find the right combination of products and services that help you in meeting organizational goals faster and with more efficiency. If an organization is able to choose the right cloud combination than it can derive both operational and cost efficiencies by using Platform as a Service.

Trend 3: Automated Database Management is going to be Big

Automating data management is rapidly gaining popularity and is likely to become the focus of both small and large enterprises. Automated management of databases allows simplification of maintenance, provisioning, upgrades, and patching. In fact, the project workflow becomes much simpler as you can derive useful insights from business data without spending much time and money. However, since database management is a complex process, we are not ruling out the need for human intervention from time to time.

Trend 4: Security to Remain the Main Area of Focus

Data security cannot be regarded as a trend as such, but recent instances of database breaches in US-based organizations have shifted more attention to the need for security and compliance. Database administrators need to work in-sync with IT security staff to ensure that sensitive data remains safe – whether it is on the cloud or on-premises. Database administrators need to eliminate all internal weaknesses that make data vulnerable and more susceptible to attacks by taking care of network privileges and software or hardware misconfigurations that could be misused to leak valuable data.

We bring to you updates on the latest industry trends so that you can make meaningful use of them in your existing operations. It is the prerogative of the decision makers to utilize this information for enhancing security and deciding on priorities. After gaining insights from the latest industry trends, you can prepare your workforce for the future challenges.

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