Trends in UCaaS for 2017

Trends in UCaaS for 2017

UCaaS technology is meeting the expectations of business workplaces and promises to render its best services in the future too. The expanding capabilities of mobile and analytics combined with the technology friendly workforce would help in increasing the adoption of UCaaS.



The Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is model that delivers several communication applications and services to a third-party provider over public internet. AS UCaaS is broadening its services not only in the enterprise but also globally, the technology is also meeting the expectations of several businesses. Some of the trends predicted for the year 2017 in the context of unified communications as a service are:

  • Mobile workstyle: The year 2016 saw mobile traffic surpassing the desktop traffic for the very first time. The employees carried on their business functions on mobile rather than performing same functionality on the desktops. This showed that the employees became more mobile that in turn resulted in development of technology and giving priority to the mobile device rather than desktop and web clients. 2017 will see the shifting of workload to mobile devices and desktop will continue to remain an important work tool.

  • Generation Z: The introduction of Generation Z in the businesses would lead to a change in workstyle. GenZs would drive new services into the workplace at an increasing rate resulting in more technological changes in the businesses. GenZs would provide more flexibility and interconnectivity than ever.


  • Assistance of bots in workplace: The bots will be used in workplaces to create stronger contextual awareness. The speed and accuracy to make any decision within a workplace will be improved.
  • UCaaS being relevant for global markets: The predictions say that global unified communications and collaboration market will top to $35B by 2019. UCaaS is being accepted globally by many nations to take the advantage of the technology. Most growth and adoption of UCaaS is predicted to rise outside United States at a faster rate.

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Endpoint and Remote Management Monitoring Shift the Focus of Managed Services

Endpoint and Remote Management Monitoring Shift the Focus of Managed Services

With the rapidly increasing demand for cloud-based services, Managed Service Providers are making prudent use of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services to fulfill the demands of their diverse client base. Focus on managing endpoints has also increased over the past few years. As per Autotask 2015 Managed Services Market Study conducted by Decision Tree Labs, almost 62% of the Managed Service Providers are managing around 100 to 2,500 endpoints and these numbers are likely to rise in the near future. So, almost 54% of MSPs will be shifting their focus to the management of endpoints.

As the security and reliability requirements of clients continue to become more complex with proliferation of devices and endpoints, MSPs need to dedicate a considerable amount of time in managing these more effectively. The competition in the managed-service market is ultimately proving to be extremely beneficial for the end-users as they are getting excellent services at competitive prices.

Security and Productivity Applications at the Forefront of MSP’s Offerings


Almost 40% of the revenue of Managed Service Providers is generated through networking and projects, with backup & recovery being the topmost potential revenue earner. Clients these days are also looking for security and productivity applications from their MSP. When you are offering remote monitoring and endpoint management as a service, keep in mind that these are the two most critical criteria based upon which the client has opted for your service. Any loopholes in this regard are likely to drive patrons away, perhaps making them choose the offerings of your rival.

The quality of service of a MSP is also judged by his ability to deliver to every endpoint irrespective of the network complexity, the location or the device used. So, it becomes essential to provide scalable endpoint management along with other cloud-related services to meet the ever evolving needs of the clients and emerge as a valuable partner for them.