CORESITE: High Performance Data Center Colocation Solutions across North America

CORESITE: High Performance Data Center Colocation Solutions across North America

CS_Configurations_1CoreSite provides safe, reliable, high-performance data center solutions across eight key North American business markets. CoreSite is used by more than 800 of the world’s prominent enterprises, cloud providers, network operators, and ancillary service providers. Built with the motto of simplicity, honesty, reliability, and strength, the company connects, safeguards, and improves sensitive data performance and applications. CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE:COR) offers accessible, flexible solutions and a big team of dedicated employees, who unswervingly deliver unparalleled data center options. The CoreSite Data Center solutions are counted amongst the best in the colocation industry.

Expect the very best from CoreSite

CoreSite’s competence in providing an outstanding customer experience is evident in every aspect of its business. The foundations of which this mammoth organization’s data centers rest include security, reliability, and scalability. This results in a competent, high-performance data center platform for enhancing and connecting IT workloads. CoreSite’s commitment to delivering applications is illustrated through standard predictive and preventive equipment maintenance, historical portfolio performance and 100% uptime. It has purposefully located data centers in eight topmost U.S. telecommunications markets. CoreSite is known for its ability to help its clients to meet their existing and future business needs through tailor-made options, access to leading peering exchanges, and direct access to AWS Direct Connect. CoreSite is dedicated to providing data center solutions to meet individual business needs of the customers.

Amazon Web Services — A Dedicated Connection to CoreSite Data Center

CkRsrYsUkAM8BabWith thousands of interconnection opportunities, CoreSite offers solutions to empower the growth of your business. CoreSite’s direct access to AWS Direct Connect allows for an easier high-capacity and safe connection to the complete AWS cloud services set. By employing AWS Direct Connect in a CoreSite data center, performance, consistency and security of AWS applications and workloads can be improved.

Here are some benefits of using AWS Direct Connect at a CoreSite Data Center:

  • Allows accessing the complete collection of adaptable AWS services, including RedShift, S3, Glacier, EBS and more
  • Enables you to transfer huge amounts of data to your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with failsafe network performance
  • Reduces your total cost of ownership by taking help of concentrated data transfer rates into the AWS cloud

Region-wise CoreSite’s Data Center Solution Benefits

Chicago, IL

CoreSite’s Chicago data center (CH1) is purposefully located in downtown Chicago. This centralized location offers access to remarkably low-latency connections for various financial services firms within the colocation facility of Chicago.

Washington, D.C.

Another data center is DC1, which is a hub of leading financial news service providers in the DC1 metro area. HFT firms leverage DC1’s dedicated access to these news agencies to relay data via low-latency microwave links to the major financial exchanges.

New York City, NY

CoreSite’s New York data center campus is exclusively positioned to serve low-latency, high-density requirements. This data center provides access to over 50 networks to the major financial exchanges in New York.

CoreSite Expands Direct Access to AWS Direct Connect with Deployment at CoreSite’s Santa Clara Campus

Lately, CoreSite has announced the availability of Amazon Web Services Direct Connect at its Santa Clara Campus in the Silicon Valley Market. CoreSite has been providing direct access to AWS Direct Connect service to its customers since 2011, with a commitment to providing with high-performance and secure data center solutions to support their growing needs. With the expansion of the Santa Clara Campus, AWS Direct Connect is now directly available in three CoreSite markets with deployments in New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. All rewards to the AWS Direct Connect, CoreSite clients can straightaway access AWS cloud services while enjoying reduced costs and improved network security over an enterprise-grade network connection. AWS Direct Connect is accessible across CoreSite’s whole data center collection.

What does CoreSite’s Santa Clara campus offer?

The availability of AWS Direct Connect in CoreSite’s Santa Clara campus offers the clients scalable and flexible data center solutions.

  • Flexible solutions including cabinets, cages, and custom-made-suites
  • 100% uptime SLA guarantee and Portfolio record of 99.9999% uptime
  • Access to about 40 networks, IT service providers
  • Access to on-demand cloud services through CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange
  • Security features including biometric scanners, on-site security officers, key card access, and double mantrap entries
  • Compliance supports for industry-specific customer requirements

How is CoreSite coping with Multi-tenant data center demand

gal-lg-la2-6To meet the growing demand for a multi-tenant data center in Silicon Valley market, CoreSite has commenced the build of SV7 – its seventh data center. In terms of data center’s annual absorption capacity, Santa Clara has sustained to be among the best markets in the United States. Development of SV7 will further add best-in-class capacity to this ever-growing market. CoreSite’s strategy in this regard reflects the company’s focus on forming a highly-interconnected atmosphere comprising of enterprises and cloud service providers to enable high-performance applications for the company’s clients. SV7 will comprise approximately 230,000 square feet. The completion of SV7 will increase the size of Santa Clara campus to approximately 600,000 square feet.

Meet CoreSite at the VMworld 2016      

CoreSite will have a booth at the global conference of virtualization and cloud computing —VMworld Vegas 2016 from Aug 28 to Sept 1. Here, their industry experts will help you to discover the technology and latest trends, while helping you to shape the future of your digital business.

Financial Firms Leverage CoreSite Data Center for Holistic IT Solutions

IT professionals in the financial services industry encompass a broad range of activities, from managing basic storage and computing to high-frequency trading (HFT). As performance prospects and assignments grow, it gets difficult to find a colocation provider that provides the connectivity required for latency-sensitive applications. Financial institutions are pursuing diverse data center vendors. Many of the financial firms are turning to CoreSite to address latency-sensitive trading needs as well as to fulfill their IT requirements and to access leading cloud providers such as AWS.

CoreSite helping Healthcare IT Professionals by Colocating in a Multi-Tenant Data Center

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMqAAAAJDNlMTY1MjVhLTcxNjctNDIzNy1iZjVkLTkyYWVmN2ZiNjg1YgWhile keeping up with the rapidly changing IT improvements and supervising ever-rising amounts of patient data, healthcare IT professionals need to ensure that they tackle the challenges in the industry in best possible manner. CoreSite data centers take a seat at the intersection of cloud providers, telecommunications, and healthcare industry. This company has multi-tenant data center (MTDC) solutions that fulfill the present as well as future data management needs of healthcare organizations. CoreSite data center portfolio houses over 275 network service providers and 250 cloud service providers, which allow direct access to data and workload support.

Colocating in CoreSite’s data centers offers scalable solutions to the healthcare IT professionals. This scalability, which ranges from cabinets and coops to completely personalized computer rooms, provides an everlasting match for the needs of healthcare organizations.

Safe and consistent access to dynamic computing substructure and data are critical when it comes to providing high-quality patient care. CoreSite realizes the significance of meeting this demand. It has built its repute upon confidence, reliability, performance and the assurance of outstanding customer experience to the organizations, which include insurance companies, patient care providers, and healthcare corporations.

Deciding on a data center or a colocation provider is a big decision for your business. After all, it means you will have to house your critical infrastructure in someone else’s facilities. With CoreSite, you don’t have to be anxious, because here you get scalability and security both. You can get in touch with their industry experts at +1 888.509.1197.