Guide to Choose the Right Internet Provider for your Business

Guide to Choose the Right Internet Provider for your Business

Can you image your daily life or your business without an internet connection? Internet is the backbone of any business – big or small as it lets your employees collaborate, offers online services to your customers and does a lot more than what you can expect. Choosing the best business Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be very challenging for anyone, especially when you own a business and a lot of daily tasks depend on the quality of the internet connection.

Based on the location of your business you may have a lot of choices, which might confuse you totally. So, here are the types of internet services that might be available in your region and it is important for you to know what they are before making any final choice:

  1. Cable: Internet is delivered to your home through your cable service. This method is one of the most desirable and economical method.


  1. DSL: This type of connection is delivered to the company through the telephone line, which already exists. The performance of this kind of connection completely depends on how far you are away from the nearest telephone exchange.


  1. Fiber Optics: It is one of the fastest types of internet service. However, it is available in very limited regions. It works much like DSL service but is capable of offering speed up to 500 Mbps and can even get faster as technology improves.


  1. Satellite: Under this type of service internet is delivered to your office through a satellite. This type of internet connection is considered to be the slowest one as compared to others.


  1. Fixed Wireless: Under this type of connection the Internet is provided via radio signals from a device like a cell phone or antenna to a tower. Trees and buildings might restrict the line of sight and disrupt service.

Now let us move to the five most important questions you should ask yourself when planning out what type of internet and service provider is right for you.

How dependable is your internet connection going to be?

Most of the internet service providers offer the assurances related to latency, uptime etc. For instance, your internet service provider might give you the assurance that 99.9% of the time your connection will offer a good speed and by chance if this does not happen then the provider will refund some of your money. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a formal document in which these types of agreements can be captured.

What will be the cost and contract?

While some services require you to rent the modem or buy it yourself, others provide it for you. Some services provide free installation while some charge you for the service call. Some of the service providers also discount your internet service if you package it along with television or phone service. At the time of comparing service prices these are the few details which you need to consider and ask your service provider about these facilities.

How long does the contract last?

Internet service providers might reduce rates in order to provide you a long-term contract but do not fall in that trap and do not sign a contract for more than two years. The main reason of not signing such a long contract is that services, technologies and even prices keep on changing and you obviously would not like to get stuck when a better service comes up.

How much security does the Internet service provider offer?

Choose the service provider, which offers top-shelf security. Go for the one, which offers anti- virus, anti-spam, anti- malware protection. Also ask the service provider if he is going to cover mobile connections or is it easy to add take off BYOD devices in the network. Also discuss about the issue of backup protection in case of a system crash.

Do you think that your service provider is prepared for the Future?

While choosing an internet provider, do not only think about your present requirements but also keep the future requirements in mind. The best example to understand this scenario is IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). It can provide unlimited number of IP addresses and is soon going to replace the current version that is IPv4.

Basically there are a lot of factors which you should consider while deciding your internet service provider. The best you can do is asking a lot of questions and select the one who is ready to meet most of your requirements. If you will keep all the above questions in mind while making a choice, you will not go wrong and will be able to make the best possible selection for your needs.






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