Digging into the Data—Trends in Data Center Procurement and Support

Digging into the Data—Trends in Data Center Procurement and Support

Colo or Data Center sourcingGone are the days when data providers used to associate with a single deliberate vendor to provide endways data center services. Today, IT decision makers are expected to be accountable for the quality and cost of technology in the business. To achieve these goals, the modern data centers are embracing an extensive collection of options in procurement and support that you never knew about a few years ago. Data center management is the perfect example of one, such evolving need. This includes everyday data center procurement and management – most enterprises fail to understand the complexity of these tasks. For your business to prosper, procurement and support are a necessity. What really can make a difference between success and failure of your entire business is the adeptness of your procurement processes. Ensuring productivity in procurement will have a constructive effect that results in saving time and delivering better results throughout your business.

This discussion about data center management solutions and trends will help you understand better the alternative approaches and trends in IT procurement and support.    

Non-traditional data center environments— they are omnipresent

As we mentioned above, the data center environments have moved away from the customary single-vendor methodology that left them bound to a single original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for purchasing and support. About 92% companies have confirmed that they deployed pre-owned equipment, initiated a multi-vendor approach and a third-party maintenance within their data centers. These non-traditional approaches are used extensively and more than half (about 53%) of the IT organizations purchased pre-owned equipment for use in their data center, 60% are using third-party maintenance alternatives, while 85% have reported using the multi-vendor equipment.

Factors that drive sustainable growth

When it comes to listing those motivating factors that have caused an increase in adoption of procurement and support alternatives, we have a huge list in front of us. Undoubtedly, the cost-related factors are first and foremost. The other factors, including the adoption of cloud and simulated technologies, facilitate a flexible architecture and better accessibility of options to procure and manage.

  • Improved support offerings from secondary providers
  • Positive experience with prior generation hardware (easier to fix)
  • Don’t feel as locked in with vendors
  • Increased availability of cross-platform management tools

How purchasing and support substitutes benefit businesses?

Coming to the business benefits of data center purchasing and support substitutes, remarkable advantages were seen by both the categories of organizations, including the ones who have adopted these approaches and others who haven’t. Third-party maintenance for data center equipment with a reduction in costs was the chief benefit. Working with maintenance-focused vendors, capability to improve expenditure, and reducing the risk of vendor lock-in are few other benefits credited to the purchasing-support alternatives.

IT purchasing is getting BIGGER

Achieving data center efficiency is not just about acquiring new assets. In order to determine their competence, IT departments, and facility administration personnel need to undertake an important evaluation of their processes. Whether it’s about vendor requirements, internal policies or purchasing procedures, IT purchasing is getting better with every second passing.

The strong bond between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Procurement Departments

AI is at the heart of evolving data center technologies

Digital society is a prevalent trend that we see across the board. Potent Artificial Intelligence through machine learning pushes mechanization, intuition and efficiency in time and labor concentrated procurement functions. There are numerous drivers including KPI monitoring, regulatory compliance changes, event-driven contract reviews, supplier obligation compliance, which require an adoption of the AI technology to maintain control in this rapidly developing internet era.

Improvements in Data Center Management: eProcurement is gaining traction

With the advancement in technology, the traditional systems will have to play hard to catch-up. Spend management and eProcurement systems need a reboot. Better technology will lead to an improved online shopping experience and faster purchasing activities.

Are you an IT decision maker who prioritizes savings, simplicity, and choices? Has  your  IT  organization purchased  pre-­owned   equipment  for  use  in  your  data  center?  Does  your  organization  use  a   third party maintenance alternative  for  networking,  server  or  storage  equipment? If no, then you must switch to these trends and let your business keep evolving.  You can take help from us at breeze-telecom to transform the way companies procure, sustain, and upgrade support and equipment for data center environments.

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