5 Trends that will define VoIP Trends in 2017

5 Trends that will define VoIP Trends in 2017

These will be some of the main trends for the VoIP industry in 2017. But there will be more innovations down the line. The idea of forgoing meetings entirely will become a reality with such advances in the VoIP technology. To be successful in a rapidly changing industry, enterprises must be quick to reap the advantages of the VoIP trends presented.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has taken aback the entire enterprise world. More and more companies are switching to internet telephony services after estimating the benefits it could bring through, such as job satisfaction, budget advantages etc. With the ever evolving technology of VoIP, it is essential for both the provider and consumer to pay attention to the recent developments and breakthrough milestones expected to happen in the years to come.

Here are some of the trends in VoIP technology that is expected to define the industry in 2017.

  1. The Age of 5G Technology

People’s joy knew no bounds when they were told that the internet speeds were moving up beyond 4G’s lightning pace. This also signalled that the coming of 5G technology in the year 2017 will surely create waves.

So, does the incorporation of 5G bring about any change, positive or negative on the reliability of VoIP in the office? Yes, it definitely does! A boon for many using internet telephone systems from their smartphones, the coming of 5G will totally ‘revolutionize’ the VoIP technology.

  1. Security

One of the top three enterprise concerns listed by Forbes for the coming 2017 was ‘security’. With an influx of high profile security breaches this year, the internet telephony services are easier to be invaded than traditional landlines. Providers take this into account and ensure more built-in security measures. Some think-tanks even have predicted that the cloud might be attacked more maliciously in the year 2017. It indirectly means that the VoIP providers have to invest more in terms of security.


  1. Increase in the number of VoIP user
    The upcoming 5G technology will undoubtedly make it easier for employees to communicate using VoIP technology. The number of people using internet telephony services is bound to increase in the coming years. The number of mobile VoIP users will go beyond 1 Billion in 2017. A good sign for business owners, who have to integrate VoIP into their enterprises, this demand will bring positive changes in the VoIP industry. Higher the competition, better the features, services and prices.

  1. Expected network strain

The increasing use of VoIP has a plethora of benefits, and it’s obviously not the only technology lingering on the internet. The ‘Internet of Things’, which means that every device is connected to the other device essentially via networks is expected to take a leap to 21 billion by 2020. This might create good amount of network strain. Technological innovations should happen to reduce this network strain. This will propel the cycle of VoIP in the business world.

  1. Integration continues

VoIP is one of the few enterprise solutions that many companies have jumped into, but there are more companies that are yet to try out the advantages of this software. VoIP vendors have been trying to integrate their services with enterprise resource planning, relationship management, and other software systems. In a way, VoIP can make businesses more efficient as the enterprise managers realize the need for these solutions.

Voice over IP services provide huge benefits. It combines and stores data in a single network. This trend increases the cost effectiveness, manageability and productivity for enterprises.

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