2017 Predictions: Mobile, cloud and IoT impact on security strategies

2017 Predictions: Mobile, cloud and IoT impact on security strategies

It is being expected that 2017 will be a year of emerging security threats. The security attacks are coming from different sources such as state-sponsored cyber warfare, botnets, hackers, and cybercriminals. These attacks are targeted on various consumers, enterprises and service providers. At one side, 2017 is expected to get increasingly threatened in the IT sector; on the other side, the attacks are emerging outside the targeted network infrastructure, which can increase the trouble of people. It is being expected that the attacks may rise on the running applications, which may also hamper their occupied data. As security attacks are continuing to emerge, the solutions of these threats should also be evolved in the same way so that attacks can be detected as well as prevented. Also, it should be able to accomplish forensic investigation on any security attacks.

Various Trends of IT Industry Influencing the Arrangement of IT Infrastructure

On a large-scale, there are different trends of IT industry, which globally impact the arrangement of IT infrastructure and its services, including trends like cloud computing, mobile as well as “Internet of Things.” These impacts will incorporate distribution of IT systems and resources beyond the conventional sphere of the physical data center, complicating the system security, user authentication, and access control. While the long-established physical boundaries of IT infrastructure vanish, the authority of the IT officials to see and guide the security becomes a complex process.

What are the Security Strategies to Protect Mobile against Malware?

In the mobile sector, it is being expected that the malware is growing rapidly. One of the favorite targets for security attack is developing in the field of mobile payment applications because these apps are used by billions of people and some of them even use the applications on unprotected devices.

If any business related application is operated from an unsecured mobile, it becomes a serious issue as there are chances of information being leaked. This leaked information can provide hackers with the details of users as well as their location. Also, it can reveal complete info of the device and the authorized network being accessed by the user. In 2015, the endpoint security of mobile became compulsory with strong user authentication for the advanced system security. These guidelines are expected to be more strict in 2017.

How to Counter Security Threats for IoT?

With Internet of Things becoming a mainstream option, potentially critical devices without any embedded security features are multiplying without being connected to high-speed networks. This also creates a scary proposition – hackers getting the bandwidth to architect botnets capable of launching denial of service attacks.

Multiple security solutions are required to combat this threat for both enterprise and service provider. DDoS scrubbing services, which are based on cloud computing need to become a priority for the enterprise sector. However, service providers should outspread their range of duty for the security of the network and focus more on the end device. Following these rules is necessary for guarding network infrastructure.

How to Address Various Security Issues in 2017?

To address these security issues, 2017 will observe the development of behavior-based security analytics so that even advanced malware can also be countered. User-based analytics tools can help in recognizing the doubtful behavior of the user or any system and provide professional feedback in determining a security threat. This tool along with the placement of advanced firewall solutions will help against malware attacks in the hybrid IT architectures. These types of technologies should be easily accessible and available in various forms that suit both on-premises and off-premises architectures, which include cloud-based and cloud-delivered.

Further, more internet channels are getting secured globally. Security partnerships are increasing in number to allow new and advanced security devices to have technological access to the content within encoded flows of traffic for the security analysis. Overall, 2017 will be a year full of innovations for web and mobile applications as well as IT security solutions for providing a safe security system.

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